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Water Treatment Plant Project - Update Page

Final Rendering

Photo Update: March 2024

Photo Update: February 2024

Photo Update: January 2024

Photo Update: December 2023

Photo Update: November 2023

Photo Update: October 2023

Photo Update: September 2023

Photo Update: August 2023

The Water Treatment Plant is beginning to take shape. In August, the construction of the reservoir walls reached 82%, with two concrete placements remaining for completion. The top slab shoring, forming, and concrete placements are underway with 16% complete.

The structural components of the steel frame structure have begun to arrive on site and are expected to be installed in September. Mechanical components will begin to arrive on site in September, including backup generators for the well sites and the reverse osmosis filtration membranes. By November, Penn-co anticipates that the majority of exterior paneling will be installed, and installation of exterior windows and doors will begin bringing the building to lock-up condition by mid-November.

July 21, 2023 - Penn-Co Construction had another productive month at the Water Treatment Plant construction site. Several more concrete placements were completed on the reservoir walls bringing the walls to 65% complete with expected completion approximately two weeks away. To-date, 320,000 pounds of reinforcing steel has been tied and 1200 cubic meters of concrete has been placed.

Following the completion of the walls, Penn-co will begin the construction of the Top Slab which will act as the floor for the Water Treatment Plant facility, and the underlying structure for the reservoir Green Roof. Top Slab construction is expected to take 42 days.

May 19, 2023 - May has been a very productive month.  Penn-co Construction completed the base slab reinforcing steel and four (4) concrete placements to complete the base slab concrete.  Next, the Contractor will begin form work for the concrete walls of the foundation which will become the water reservoir used to store drinking water.

April 26, 2023 - The Water Treatment Plant excavation has been completed and the concrete mud slab has been placed. Workers are placing reinforcing steel for the base slab, which is expected to be completed by mid-May.  Following the base slab concrete placement, installation of the formwork will begin for the concrete walls of the water reservoir chambers.

March 30, 2023 – Penn-co Construction began excavating the foundation of the new Water Treatment Plant at 1000 Park Avenue. The foundation is approximately 3m (10’) deep and will house the new concrete Water Reservoir Chambers, which store drinking water after treatment. The Reservoir will store approximately 1400 m3 (1,400,000L) of water, which is enough to supply the Town for approximately 24 hours at peak season, but also provides the Fire Department with a large supply of water in the event of a fire without any service interruption to the Town.

Once constructed, the Reservoir will be approximately 1m above the road and will be finished with a grass covered roof (Green Roof). Construction of the Reservoir is expected to be ongoing until August 2023 at which point the above-grade steel structure construction will begin.