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How your Taxes are calculated

Property taxes in Beausejour include a combination of levies from the Sunrise School Division and the Town of Beausejour.

Each of those levies are broken down into units called mills, and the overall tax bill is a combination of the overall mill rate and a percentage of the assessed value of your property (including buildings) as determined by the Province of Manitoba's Assessment Branch. For more information on your property assessment please visit the Government of Manitoba Property Assessment page here. 

Did you know that MB property assessment notices for properties outside of Winnipeg are available online? Go paperless and sign up for MyPropertyMB to view your detailed property assessment and receive email alerts when new assessment notices are available. 

In 2024, property taxes are set as follows: 

School Rates

Foundation Levy - Education Support 8.129 Mills
Special Levy – Sunrise School Division12.325 Mills12.325 Mills
 12.325 Mills20.454 Mills


Total Municipal Mill Rate Levy  
16.840 Mills
16.840 Mills


Municipal Rates

Sun Gro Centre        0.197 Mills
Street0.218 Mills
Off Street Parking0.160 Mills
Recreation Facilities0.127 Mills
Water/Sewer L.I.D.0.181 Mills
Solid Waste Levy 0.822 Mills
Waste Management0.854 Mills
Reserve – Special Facilities0.128 Mills
Reserve – Machinery & Equipment0.255 Mills
Reserve – Fire Equipment0.255 Mills
Reserve – Civic Building0.255 Mills
Reserve – Street Infrastructure0.128 Mills
Reserve – General1.017 Mills
General Municipal: At Large12.243 Mills

Sidewalks and Curbs – Frontage Levy: Various Levies
Street Paving – Frontage Levy: Various Levies
Garbage – Flat Fee Levy

Estimated Expenditures

General Government Services                                            


Protective Services
Transportation Services
Environmental Health Services
Public Health Welfare Services
Environmental Development Services
Economic Development Services
Recreation and Cultural Services
Fiscal Services1,150,102.00


Estimated Revenues

Realty Tax                                                                       5,927,824.18
Other Revenues & Transfers from Accumulated Surplus & Reserves2,893,777.00