The vision of the Town of Beausejour Council is to promote Beausejour as a safe, economically diversified and growing community, where residents share a spirit of community. 
Mission Statement
The Town of Beausejour delivers services, provides and maintains infrastructure and facilities for the daily operations and long-term development of the Town. Council provides leadership and is accountable and transparent to the ratepayers and residents of Beausejour. 

Mayor Ray Schirle
Phone: 204-268-3255
Deputy Mayor Glen Kaatz
Phone: 204-268-0365
Councillor Don Mazur
Phone: 204-268-3289

Councillor Jan Leclerc
Phone: 204-205-0081

Councillor Candice Holigroski
Phone: 204-266-0280

Chief Administrative Officer, Vesuvia (Vee) Scromeda
Phone: 204-268-7550