Quick Facts

Did you know?

  • Each year, the average Canadian makes 2,000 trips of less than three kilometres by car, trips that could be replaced with walking, bicycling or rolling– Environmental Statement on the Benefits of Cycling in London, ON, 200910 
  • Since 1985, the proportion of Canadian children regularly walking to school has fallen by 50 percent to just 1-in-3. Saving Money and Time with Active School Travel, March 2010, Green Communities Canada 
  • Over the past 30 years, the habit of walking to school has seen a steep decline. In fact, studies have shown that almost 80 percent of children used to walk to school, compared to 35 percent today.  http://greenactioncentre.ca/module/asrts/asrts-handbook-resource-guide/
  • For health benefits, children (aged 5-11 years) and youth (aged 12-17 years) should minimize the time they spend being sedentary each day. This may be achieved by limiting sedentary (motorized) transport, extended sitting, and time spent indoors throughout the day. Canadian Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines, 2012
  • Fifty-five percent of the population of Manitoba are considered overweight or obese and 45 percent of Manitobans are considered inactive – Making the Case for Primary Prevention: An Economic Analysis of Risk Factors in Manitoba. GET BEAUSEJOUR ACTIVE!